Creating your first iPhone App

Thousands of app ideas are scrawled on napkins across the world every day, since the iTunes App Store launched in 2008, over 500,000 apps have been approved by Apple. It is just a matter of knowing the series of actions you need to take to make it happen, the good news is anyone can make an iPhone app. before jumping into iPhone app development, there are some of the important things you must understand and you must keep in the mind.iPhone app development

You’re Goal

You need to define your goal for the project, before embarking on any product development or entrepreneurial venture. To confirm whether the development process is heading in the right direction, the version of what you want to achieve at the outset is an important barometer. Having a project goal will help make your app development process a success, whether you are an individual, a marketing director or an IT professional creating apps for internal use.

You’re Expectations      

The question people most frequently ask is, “How much can I expect to make?” when I consult with people who have ideas for iPhone and iPad apps. This is difficult to answer, unfortunately. The financial success of your app depends upon the popularity and cost to produce.

Yet the process of making apps is still cloaked in mystery, the individuals and companies alike are creating apps to solve problems and to entertain. By giving you a step by step process for making your own idea a reality, we will look at what goes on behind the scenes of an app’s creation.





Standard Android Application Development

Than other smartphones in the market, Android enjoys a larger market share, according to a research. In the mobile industry, with its unique and innovative application development, the platform has amazed the world. As compared to Androidother platforms, the Android apps are highly reliable and robust in performance, according to a market research. A dozen of Android developers with creative apps are contributing in this booming field. There are multiple things you should keep in the mind to make a huge success if you are new and wish to introduce your own app in the market.

Avoid unrelated and unnecessary items in your application; this will be the first basic rule to bear in the mind. Most of the Android app developers are doing the same mistake, so don’t repeat it. Don’t complicate and confuse your users, your app should be interested, user friendly and visually appealing. You will end up making mess, if you go with an intention that you just want to register an app under your name. Instead of frustrating, impress your users with something new and meaningful.

Learn SQL if you don’t understand it. For secondary help, learn XML. For the better results, use SDK and other supporting tools. After the completion of development process, don’t overlook the Android app testing, and prefer automated testing of your app. professionally follow the Android application development task and avoid complexity as it always bring ignorance. To introduce an already successful Android application in the market, follow the above mentioned super tips.

How to Hire the Best iPhone App Developers

There is a broad spectrum of app developers for hire as with any service industry. The developer tool kit that allows programmers to develop iPhone application, Apple released the iPhone SDK, in 2008. The web development and native iPhone applications are now developed by iPhone SDK.

You will find hundreds of search results and dozens of paid advertisements for application developers for iPhone and iPad app software programmers, if you search for “best app developers for iPhone” or “best iPad app developers” or “hire best iPhone app developers” or “iPhone app development”. to find offshore firms who offer cut rate per hour prices, you can search on craigslist or you can post onto oDesk or eLance. You will find that you need two or three times the number of people to get the project completed, even these firms may seem like the ideal option.

To follow and be in the constant communication with them, you will also need to create explicit specifications for them. During your investigation, you will encounter a wide variety of iPhone app development rates and prices. Don’t be tempted by price alone when hiring a top iPhone app developer.

Offshore Android Development

Android is certainly fastest developing and widely used the mobile platform, regarding out to actually business. It is not unusual how the requirement for Android apps has increased too within the whole ongoing rise of Android daily. The requirements for offshore Android development has been increased because of big numbers of the firms lately are demanding Android based applications. Hiring Android developers from a top offshore Android development firm is a tough job because a number of IT companies are offering development services at very competitive price.

The cloud based applications that smart phones and tablet computers are identified with, is the primary reason with which it has facilitated the growing acceptance and popularity of these devices. The industry specific requirement has acquired a whole new dimension with the advent of these applications and mobile computing, development of customized solutions. The demand to hire android application developer is very much prevalent by the application development frameworks provided by the industry giant Apple and Google. To manufacture supreme yet affordable tablets for mid income groups and school children, Android’s open Handset Alliance has ushered several players in the market. The education is being digitalized by the schools and education authorities across the world.

Android Apps for Developers and Designers

Using modified version of Linux Kernel, the Android is an operating system for mobile devices. Android Inc., developed the operating system for Android, later on the Google purchased the firm. Apple iPhone is the main competitor of Android. Because of its handy and useful applications the iPhone became very much successful in a very short period of time. But Android  Developers and owner are not worried about it, with the large number of applications and same features, the Android is gone ahead of iPhone. We are discussing the best Android Apps for designers and developers.

Magic Color Picker

You can browse different colors through color wheel by the Magic Color Picker. The web palette can be displayed differently by using this application.


AndFTP is a java application that supports FTP, SFTP and FTPS, enable you to access your web server via your mobile. You can upload and download files with resume capability, delete, rename, create files and folders by using AndFTP. It’s free and you can navigate the interface very easily.

Camera Illusion

To take and preview pictures with filter and effects the camera illusion can be the best application.

Iromihon Color Palette

With RGB, HSB, and HSL models, the iromihon color palette is a very basic application, developed by Android Developers, to adjust and see the colors. While working with specific palette, the iromihon color palette provides the ability to add User Color Name, which makes handy quick references.

CSS Cheat Sheet

The quick course refresher of CSS properties that allows user to revise and learn many aspects of CSS language.